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V I V I A N E  D'A V I L L A

Viviane D’ Avilla is a Brazilian artist, she was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro and graduated in journalism. In Rio, she studied photography at
Ateliê da Imagem and took classes of Portfolio and History of Art and Contemporary Photography at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage. In New York she studied Photography at the International Center of Photography and took classes of Documentary Photography and Filming &


D'Avilla’s is specialized in documentary photography and conceptual photography.

Her search is to enters deep and intense in lives, places and people, where she starts a process of intense knowledge, research and delivery for her subjects. She develops a work which expresses her interest in the human being and their nuances, culture, lives and stories.

In 2009, she started her series Bahia Expandida, developed over 4 years where the photographer toured several cities in the state of Bahia, in Brazil.
Beyond the explicit aesthetic of lush landscape,

D’ Avilla has built a particular language of her experience. The result is a poetic organic narrative. An intimate search of a personal journey by land representing memories and experiences.
In 2011, she started her work with homeless Eu Sou Arte people in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She did a very deep work with this community trying to use the art as a therapy and get closer to people and bring them more open to the project and also to her. She developed relationships based on trust where they could express themselves in her art and don’t feel invisibles anymore. D’Avilla developed this work for over 2 years.


Her last work was the series Alma developed in remote landscapes and forests located in D’Avilla’s hometown. Through studies on psychology, the
history of the woman over the years, D’Avilla seeks a stream experience imagery through the female psyche, with images that emphasize the feminine power and its intimate connection with the creative force of the nature.

In 2017, D’ Avilla started her project called GOPI (a journey about gender and human rights in India), it’s a research of the theme Gender and Sexuality. She have crosses different cities from North to South of India to tell stories of lives, experiences, cultures and bring a clarification on an issue still very controversial to many cultures.

D’ Avilla has exhibited her photographs in venues such as Artigo Art Fair, in Rio de Janeiro. The Botanic Hostel, with the art collective group Hum
Coletivo. In 2015 she exhibited her work, Eu Sou Arte in a collective of artists called the Vidi Arte. In 2016 she did a solo exhibition at a Pop Up gallery in New York and exhibited her series Alma, she is currentely part of the Art Space based in NY.
In 2017, Viviane was part  of the Florence Biennale, Italy.
And won the award for best picture of the Biennale.
In 2018 D 'Avilla had your work exhibited at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, in New York City.

In 2018, her movie Gopi was selected by one of the most important Tv channels in Brazil, FUTURA as one of the best documentaries of the year .

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